A more sustainable future for our precious planet

“Safeguarding the environment and curbing climate change is not the role of one, but everyone at SickKids, and we are committed to being part of the solution. By partnering inside and outside the organization, we can work together to reduce emissions, adopt greener behaviours and processes, and model responsible stewardship.” 

– Kyle Robinson, Director, Facilities Operations, Sustainability and Support Services

At the heart of SickKids 2025 is Precision Child Health, which is predicated on individualized patient care that considers a multitude of factors, including the environment. With the launch of our Environmental Sustainability Strategy in 2022, we’ve established a path for SickKids to do our part in making the world a cleaner, healthier place.

The launch of the strategy was a seminal moment for SickKids. We recognize that we must not only safeguard the health of children, but also the health of the planet they inhabit.  Healthy children need a healthy environment, and that’s why the aim of the Environmental Sustainability Strategy is A Greener SickKids. Healthier Children. A Better World.  

The strategy has three distinct pillars: advocate for climate action; operate for tomorrow, today; and foster an environmentally responsible culture. Aligned with our SickKids 2025 aspiration to mobilize a green-friendly organization, this Environmental Sustainability Strategy provides a blueprint for SickKids to lead, partner, and advocate for a healthier planet.