Our strategic plan provides a new framework for SickKids, setting the stage for decision-making and priority setting for the next five years.

As we move forward, we recognize the importance of sharing our progress. Browse some of our ongoing efforts from SickKids 2025.

Corporate scorecard

Our corporate scorecard is a tool to measure progress against our five-year strategic plan to ensure performance remains on track.

A new era of individualized child health

Precision Child Health is already making a difference in children’s lives.

Reimagining the future of paediatric care through AI

Our world-class clinicians and researchers are developing targeted AI solutions to improve outcomes and care delivery.

Transcending geography with virtual care

Virtual care is now a reality for our patients and their families, improving choice, convenience, and access to our specialized services.

Transforming mental health care delivery

Addressing the mental health needs of children and adolescents as a critical component of their health-care experience.

Seamless transitions through Connected Care

Building capacity to deliver high-quality care across the system, increase access to specialized nursing and interprofessional services and supports, and improve safety in transitions to home and community.

A culturally safe environment

Reforming care, research and education at SickKids to respect Indigenous traditions and ways of healing.

A safer SickKids for all

Our Caring Safely achievements are taking us further toward our ultimate goal of eliminating preventable harm.

Patient and family engagement in research

The involvement of patients and families in research is critical to the development of safe and effective treatments that improve the individualized care provided to all SickKids patients.

Allies to all SickKids communities

A more inclusive SickKids where everyone is acknowledged, valued and respected.

Taking care of us, so we can take care of you

A renewed focus on restoring the health and well-being of every single member of the SickKids family.

Commercializing health sciences technologies 

Innovation and commercialization at SickKids has never been stronger, bolstering the impact of our discoveries on patient care worldwide.

Accelerating data adoption

Access to accurate, complete and timely data is critical to achieving our vision.

A more sustainable future for our precious planet

Safeguarding the environment and curbing climate change is the role of everyone at SickKids.