Corporate Scorecard

SickKids’ corporate scorecard is a tool to measure progress against our five-year strategic plan. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are metrics in the corporate scorecard that are refreshed on an annual basis. Each KPI has a specific definition to support measurement, individuals accountable for performance, and targets to motivate the organization. Corporate scorecard results are reviewed quarterly by SickKids’ senior management team, on a fiscal year basis, with actions taken when necessary to ensure performance remains on track. As part of a broader enterprise-wide approach to performance management, the corporate scorecard is a valuable tool to help SickKids deliver on the promise of SickKids 2025.

KPIs below are colour coded as green (meets or exceeds target), yellow (approaching target), red (below target), or grey (not reported or baseline data collection).

Individualize Child and Youth Health Care

To unlock the potential of Precision Child Health, SickKids will invest in the human and technical capabilities necessary to harness the power of big data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence. Our first crucial step will be implementing a data management system for the linkage of data from multiple sources. Translating this data into insights using artificial intelligence, we will enhance care for newborns, children, and adolescents. Efforts will rely on a renewed focus as a children’s research hospital. By increasing child and family engagement in research, enhancing educational initiatives, and improving the visibility of research in our physical spaces, all children will gain the opportunity to contribute to and the right to benefit from research.

Sequencing Use in Clinical Care
Sequencing Use in Research
Research Enrollments
Active Clinical Studies

Create a seamless child and family experience

SickKids will work closely with health and social services organizations to build capacity for high-quality paediatric care, improve transitions to community and adult services, and support regional/provincial paediatric system development. Where appropriate, we will pursue structural collaborations and other forms of integration to unlock value and address system gaps in primary care, urgent care, and home care. Through care delivered connected digital and physical spaces, a renewed focus on integrated mental health care, and advocacy on equity and the social determinants of health, we aim to create more seamless health care experiences for all children and families.

Virtual Care Utilization
Brain & Mental Health: Time to Inpatient Bed (Psychiatry)
Brain & Mental Health: Time to Inpatient Bed (Adolescent Medicine)
Sociodemographic Data Collection for Patients

Ensure quality and accountability in everything we do

SickKids will advance all dimensions of quality including safety, timeliness, effectiveness, efficiency, equity, and patient-centredness. According to their preference, we will engage children and families in decision-making for care, education, and research with a spirit of respect, communication, and partnership. Principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion will be reflected in partnership efforts with advisors, including targeted recruitment of vulnerable populations. Building on existing efforts to promote safety, SickKids will endeavour to be a high-reliability organization where no patient, family, or staff member has to bear the burden of preventable harm. Improvement science will be leveraged to advance a culture of continuous improvement with a focus on waste elimination, efficiency, and resource stewardship to maximize patient benefits, staff experience, and financial health.

Total Cases on Surgical Waitlist
Surgical-Out-of-Window Wait Times
Diagnostic Imaging Waitlist (MRI)
Image-Guided Therapy (IGT) Waitlist
Potentially Preventable Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs)
Reduction in Serious Safety Events Rate
Time to Inpatient Bed (90th percentile)
Abdominal/Pelvic CT Imaging for Trauma Patients
Transport Time (Assigned to completed)
Fill Rate

Unleash the talent of our people

SickKids’ staff are our most valuable asset. We will create a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment that empowers all staff and mobilizes the range of ideas, talent, perspectives, and experiences critical to excellence in child health. Progress in the workplace will be balanced by an emphasis on emotional health and well-being where employees are provided with the skills and resources necessary to build the resilience and self-awareness to sustain happy and productive lives, at work and at home.

Peer Support Activations
Health and Safety Compliance
Professionalism and Respect

Drive financial sustainability

SickKids will advocate with provincial and federal governments for stable funding to meet the unique physical, mental health, and psychosocial needs of  children and families, as well as to establish sustainable, multi-year funding strategies. Where possible, SickKids will leverage our core competencies to pursue revenue generating opportunities locally, nationally, and internationally. Through a renewed focus on industry partnerships and commercialization, we will remove barriers and fast track promising discoveries to generate financial returns for the organization. SickKids Foundation is a critical partner in our mission of Healthier Children. A Better World. To advance this shared commitment, SickKids will continue to collaborate with the Foundation in aligning strategic priorities with fundraising strategies, and in bringing hope to children and families on a global scale.

Ministry of Health funding
Non-Ministry of Health Revenues
Total Margin
Current Ratio
Days Cash on Hand
Capital Project Execution
Research Institute Revenue Growth