A message from Dr. Ronald Cohn

Along the main corridor at SickKids, there is a set of coloured footprints that guides visitors through our hallways. It never ceases to amaze, the sense of wonder that this simple set of footprints brings to the children who traverse them. Despite being in a hospital, in their minds they might be venturing on a space walk, stalking through a jungle, or exploring foreign lands.​

At SickKids, it is our mission to preserve this imagination and restore health so that every child and youth in our care can reach their full potential.​

Today, our mission faces many challenges. More children and youth require our support every year. Families face fragmented experiences and disparities in access to care. Evolving diseases and technologies demand new ways to provide care. And an aging population continues to consume precious system resources making them scarcer for our vulnerable children and youth.​

In response to these challenges, we are pleased to introduce SickKids 2025.

Created from the collective voice of our community, this five-year plan will be our compass, guiding us to realize new paradigms of research, education, and clinical care.​

SickKids 2025 represents the beginning of a movement to deliver unprecedented outcomes through Precision Child Health. With big data and artificial intelligence poised to transform medicine and scientific discovery, we will harness the power of these technologies to individualize child and youth health care. To create a more seamless child and family experience, we will situate this care within a network of digital and physical access points, striving to meet our patients’ needs closer to home. With bold plans to see a new SickKids rise, transformation must begin today.​

Change will be balanced with a focus on the human elements of healing. This will begin with efforts to unleash the talents and safeguard the wellness of our staff, and will extend to patients and families through a commitment to partnership and unwavering compassion.​

As this exciting plan unfolds, we promise to stand and raise our voice for children’s health. To our community of patients, families, partners, and donors – please join us.​

Ronald D. Cohn, M.D. FACMG
President and CEO
Senior Scientist, The Hospital for Sick Children
Professor, Departments of Paediatrics and Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto