Corporate Priorities 2023-24

SickKids’ corporate priorities encompass the strategic activities that the organization will focus human, technological, and financial resources on in the fiscal year ahead. With our strategic plan in mind, priorities are developed in collaboration between SickKids’ leadership team and a broad range of stakeholders. Leaders work with their teams to align staff goals to these priorities. Below is an outline of the corporate priorities for fiscal year 2023-24.

Individualize Child and Youth Health Care

  • Precision Child Health

    • Advance national and international inter-institutional partnerships
    • Increase utility and utilization of genomic technologies in clinical care
    • Launch advanced therapeutics node
    • Embark on the Clinical Research Services transformation journey
    • Launch implementation phase of Pathways to Connect program
  • AI in Medicine (AIM) for Kids: Implement 2023 strategic plan

Create a Seamless Child and Family Experience

  • Health System: Advance projects that strengthen system integration and partnerships

  • Connected Care: Expand direct access to diversified services for family caregivers

  • Virtual Care: Establish remote care management (RCM) foundations and implement two pilot projects

  • Mental Health Strategy: Implement, evaluate, and scale Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders (SSRD) Integrated Care Pathway (ICP)

  • Health Equity: Expand health equity and sociodemographic data collection

Ensure Quality and Accountability in Everything We Do

  • Develop a renewed patient and family experience strategy

  • Advance Family Caregiver Escalation and Violence work plan

    • Family caregiver escalation and violence in health care has been on the rise worldwide. SickKids has created a Caregiver Escalation and Violence Steering Committee to oversee and coordinate all activities related to preventing and/or addressing caregiver escalation and violence against staff. This work will ensure continued safety for all in the SickKids environment.
  • Enhance infusion safety

  • Optimize implementation and sustainability of corrective actions arising from Serious Safety Events (SSEs)

  • Enhance leader training for quality and process improvement

  • Facilitate excellent surgical and procedural care close to home

  • Advocate for resources and implement to reduce OR, DI, and IGT wait lists

Unleash the talent of our people

  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

    • Deploy workforce sociodemographic survey
    • Implement learning modules
    • Develop needs analysis tools
  • Workforce: Advance staff recruitment and retention initiatives and workforce optimization planning

  • Staff Health & Well-being Strategy: Implement Year 2 priorities*, including a focus on compassion and respect

    *Strategy leads are convening in first quarter of fiscal year to select priorities and map out workplans to advance key priorities.

Build an academic health sciences centre for the future

  • Digital Strategy: Develop an enterprise-wide Digital Strategy and governance model

  • Data Strategy: Bring first data sets into new Enterprise Data Platform and centralize some functions under Analytics Hub

  • Information Management & Technology: Implement 2023-24 work plan with robust cybersecurity foundations

  • Advance Project Horizon

  • Environmental Sustainability Strategy: Implement Year 1 priorities*

    *Strategy leads are working to establish a governance structure, develop an initial action plan, and secure funding for implementation.